A quick way to make a 3D-model from two photographs

In 2010, shortly after its release, I bought Fujifilm’s first consumer 3D camera, the FinePix Real 3D W1. The camera is provided with two lenses and two image sensors, and therefore allows simultaneous capture of a left- and a right eye photo. It is fun to use, and the 3D effect can be very convincing. But unfortunately the display options for 3D images are quite limited, compared to normal 2D photographs.

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‘Vintage’ Owl

Vintage owl

Sorting through 10 year old digital photographs, recorded with cameras having resolutions on the low side of current mobile phones, I’m reminded that camera hardware often doesn’t matter nearly as much as we tend to think. This guy was recorded in the Copenhagen Zoo in 2004 with a Nikon Coopix 5700 (5 MP), and ‘developed’ only today using Lightroom and OnOne Perfect B&W.

‘Vintage lions’

While cleaning out my hard-drive today, I came across some photographs of lions recorded in the Copenhagen Zoo almost 10 years ago, with a camera that had less resolution than most current mobile phones. Decided to try to tweak a couple of them in Lightroom – and boy, what a surprise that turned out to be… Maybe I should go lion hunting in my computer :-)